How To Turn Your Indoor Basketball Court Into A Multi-Functional Space?

Indoor Basketball Court Brisbane

If you have an Indoor Basketball Court Brisbane at home, you may wonder whether it is possible to use this space for other purposes. The answer is yes! You can turn your basketball court into a multi-functional area that serves as a meeting room or dining area, depending on the size of the court.

Turn your indoor basketball court into a multi-functional space

Your indoor basketball court is a great place to host events and parties. You can turn it into a multi-functional space by adding some fun items that will make everyone enjoy the event even more.

  • Add some bean bags or cushions to the floor so people can sit down while they are watching the game.
  • Install lights so that you can play at night if you want to have an outdoor feel inside your home.
  • Put up curtains on one side of the room so that there’s privacy when needed, but still enough light coming in from outside during daytime hours when curtains aren’t needed (if they’re left open).

Make your indoor basketball court a meeting room.

You can turn your indoor basketball court into a meeting room. Benefits of turning your indoor basketball court into a meeting room:

  • It’s an efficient use of space. The average size of an NBA court is 94′ by 50′, which is much larger than most conference rooms found in offices or other buildings. With this kind of space, you’ll be able to fit several people comfortably around one table without having them feel cramped or crowded together (and with no worry about hitting someone with errant balls).
  • It’s versatile furniture that can be moved around easily when necessary. If you need more seating for guests, all it takes is rearranging the chairs and tables around so everyone can sit down comfortably; if there aren’t enough chairs available, guests can stand up instead! It also makes cleaning up after meetings easier because everything will already be in its place when we’re done using it as our office space–no need for extra cleanup work afterward!

Turn your indoor basketball court into a dining area.

If you have an indoor basketball court, you can turn it into a multi-functional space by using a projector and screen. The possibilities are endless: Watch movies on the wall! Your guests will love this fun way to watch their favorite movies together. Play games with friends! A projector will allow everyone in the room to see what’s happening on screen as they play their favorite games like ping pong or foosball. Watch sports together! You can even watch your favorite team play from anywhere in the house without having too much space taken up by TVs or furniture. Use educational videos for school projects–or just for fun! The kids might even learn something while they’re at it! Use the projector as a whiteboard! You can use it to jot down notes, draw pictures or create equations in real time. This is a great way for students and teachers alike to collaborate on projects and lessons.


This is a great way to turn your Indoor Basketball Court Brisbane into a multi-functional space. You can use it for meetings and other activities, but also have dinner there at night or during the weekend. The best part is that you don’t have to spend any money on renovations!