Know The Difference Between Deck & Patio Before You Spend

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Around millions of people search on Decking Adelaide or patio services in a day. It’s a bit tricky to choose the one from the deck and patio. Because both of them provide style & elegance to the place which makes the sorting job more daunting.

Before we step ahead, just take pen & paper to write the motive behind your meet-up with Decking Builder Adelaide. It is important to keep steer clear on why you want to spend on the project.

Clear the ambiguity and prejudice to look into the needful information & comparison of deck and patio. Here we go!

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Defining both the terms:

The patio is basically a Spanish word which means it is the courtyard of the building. The structure of the patio is an open space surrounded by structures and walls of ground adjacent to a building. The construction of patio differs from a courtyard as it doesn’t need to be surrounded by walls.

The deck is an open outdoor platform without a roof that will remain extended from a house. A patio is nothing but a paved area located on the ground which can be either attached or detached from the place. Deck construction is costlier than a patio. However, the ROI of the deck is higher than the patio. So, the deck construction can be beneficial for the long run. 

Advantages of deck & patio 

Deck Patio
High ROI – Return On Investment. It is less expensive.
It works perfectly even with an uneven surface. The maintenance cost is affordable.
It can easily be customized. It offers more privacy.
It is suitable for the home aesthetic. It has a good life span.
It is comfortable during hot days. The installation doesn’t require any permit or installation.


The same way, both of the options have their disadvantages as well. We would say that the selection among these two of the home extension options depends on your requirements. Before you add a deck or patio to the house, it is important to make sure you have enough space for the installation.

After the installation, it should not look like a congested area. It would be better to approach professionals before you choose any of them. Just let them know about your requirement and ask them for a suggestion.

Many of homeowners become blind when it comes to spending into the home extension project. It is not like things that work for your neighbors or relatives will become perfect for your needs. This will depend upon the area that you can spare for the installation, location, family members, budget, and most importantly your needs. 

Any question?

No matter whether you seek out the Decking Adelaide or patio installer, you should make sure about what actually you want to have after spending a big amount. No one would like to end up with disappointment. Thus, it is better to take help from professionals. Do read more blogs & articles for guidance. Visit social media to know the current trend and deck or patio designs. We hope this has helped you clear the vision!