Tips to choose meat correctly

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Meat is an important part of a balanced diet meal for many people in the world. It’s very simple to just visit your nearest grocery store and pick up meat from there. But are you sure that the meat which you have picked up is of good quality? 

Here are some important tips on how you can choose quality meat and how you should store it properly until consumption. Even if you buy meats online, you must check out these things.

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  1. The color of the meat – The color of the meat denotes the quality of the meat delivered Melbourne. The color of red meat should be dark in color and if it is light brown then it means that it has been exposed to oxygen and is unfit for consumption. Similarly, pork meat should be light pink in color and game meat should be dark brown. If you want great quality meat, make sure it is from best butcher Melbourne
  2. Smell of the meat – The smell of the raw meat denotes whether the meat is fresh or not. If the smell is not up the mark (pungent or rotten), then be assured that the meat should not be consumed in any way. You must check the smell of meat delivered Melbourne

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  1. Surface of the meat – If you want the meat to be tasty after cooking then you have to check the surface of the meat. If there are fibers on the surface of red meat, it means that the meat is tasty and tough and is suitable for slow cooking. Absence of those grains means the meat will be tender when cooked.
  2. Meat fat and texture – You see those white stripes throughout the meat? Those are meat fat and they are also called marbling. You need to choose a slice of meat which has finer marbling as they are tastier. It will be a little expensive but rest assured, the taste will be heavenly. Also make sure the meat which you are buying is firm, dense, dry and uniform in texture. 
  3. The best before date/Expiry date – Before you buy meats online, check the best before or expiry date to know how close the meat is from being spoiled and unfit for consumption anymore. If you consume meat which has passed its best before or expiry, it might be seriously harmful to your health.
  4. Packaging – A piece of meat which is properly packaged is safe from any sort of damage or dirt. Do not ever accept the meat delivered Melbourne if the packaging is not properly done or looks tampered.


So now we hope you know how to identify the best meat when you go out for shopping or even when you buy meats online. If you are not so sure about certain aspects of meat, ask your butcher Melbourne to advise you on it. Quality is everything which matters when you are buying meat.