Useful Guide For Selecting Electrician’ Safety Gloves With Complete Protection

Selecting Electrician’ Safety Gloves

From all other work, electrical work is more dangerous because Electricians Adelaide directly work with electricity. So as electricians you should keep all safety wear when you go to complete your task and wear it while working. If an electrician doesn’t follow the specific safety rule, then they have to pay big amount penalty like they can lose their life if they work in significant mechanical work.

Electrical Contractors Adelaide requires so many safety equipment like safety shoes, gloves, goggles, suits, helmets and many more. You should wear all these products with strict instructions and follow the rule so it can save you from electrical shock. If you want to avoid any unwanted accident, then you make habits of wearing this product every whenever you go for a job.

In this blog, we will provide you with a guide about how you can select proper safety gloves for your electrical work which can give you complete protection.

Safe Gloves As An Electrician

The best working gloves’ type

Mainly electrical safety gloves have 2 categories one is type I and the other one type II. Safety gloves come in the range of non-resistance to ozone which gives complete safety in your work. If you select the type, then it has feature non-resistance for ozone while you select type II then it has resistance for ozone. This is a simple classification of gloves type; below we give famous safety gloves you can choose as per your needs.

  1. Magid Safety Electrical Gloves

This type of gloves made with natural rubber latex. It is very useful for low-voltage operation, industrial applications and lineman work. It can provide protection up to 1v AC or 1.5V DC current. These gloves have features like perfectly shock resistance, easy to use, and convenient. But it can’t easily take off this is its major disadvantage.

  1. Maxiflex Work Gloves

Maxiflex Work gloves are famous for their premium quality, lightweight and breathable features. It is the preferable product in all Electricians Adelaide because of its comfort and flexible usage. This type of gloves is abrasion resistance, and it provides cool and dry hand after wearing so that you should choose this product if you have a sweat problem. This glove has one disadvantage that is it doesn’t have a waterproofing feature on the backside of gloves.

  1. Marigold Gloves

Marigold gloves made with rubber, and it gives you protection from the class-1 electrical current. These gloves commonly use with class 1 voltage so that many electricians choose it. Whenever you require comfort and ventilation, then this is the most superior choice for you.  It has a feature like generous cuffs and ergonomic design, flexible for usage, and you can wear it the whole day.

  1. Klein tools Gloves

Whenever your requirement is sturdy and durable construction in gloves, then you can go with Klein tools gloves. You can use it on a daily basis for any application works. These products are made with whole gloves cover with the index figure so that it is easy as well as comfortable for working. It has a feature like breathable, comfortable, durable, ideal for different applications, easy in usage.

Summing Up,

So these are the little type of gloves which can give protection from the electrical shock to the Electrician and save their life also. So don’t forget to wear safety gloves when you work on any task.