5 Interesting Facts About Bedside Cabinets You Probably Didn’t Know

Bedside cabinets are the perfect place to store everything you need to reach when you’re sleeping, from your glasses and phone to your water glass and book. But did you know that there are lots of fun facts about these little storage units that most people never realize? Here are five interesting facts about bedside cabinets that you probably didn’t know.

1. The cabinet was designed to store bed sheets and other linens

Bedside cabinets were created to store linens and pillows for wealthy citizens who usually had a large collection of both. The wood used in these cabinets was stained dark so that stains didn’t show too much from splashed water or other liquids. These cabinets were designed to be placed near windows since their primary purpose was to hang things up in order to dry. Clothespins were often kept on them as well, and they could double as a nightstand, holding candles, glasses of water or even books while people slept at night.

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2. They were often placed next to the bed so that guests could easily access them

As counterintuitive as it seems, it was much more practical to have bedside cabinets right next to or near your bed. Instead of walking down a hallway to use an out-of-the-way bathroom in order to brush your teeth or wash your face, you could just roll over and grab what you needed. As a result, they became a trend among wealthy homeowners. It wasn’t until servants became commonplace that placing these items off in another room made sense—and even then, beds with attached nightstands remained more popular than those without for quite some time.

3. They can use to place books and electronic gadgets

Because they’re so much smaller than regular cabinets, they can often be used to organize and store books, electronic devices, and even prescription medication. If you’re short on space but have an abundance of items that need to be organized, invest in a bedside cabinet. It will make all your troubles go away and help you get organized once and for all. Who knows? Maybe it will be a new favourite place for you to spend time in your room!

4. They can be used as nightstands or extra storage space

If you have an empty corner in your bedroom, bedside cabinets are a great addition to use as nightstands or extra storage space. Smaller bedsides can be placed on either side of your mattress and serve as a small end table. For added functionality, consider storing items you don’t often use (remote controls, books) in a large cabinet that has drawers. This is also an easy way to store seasonal items like blankets or winter sweaters if you don’t have room for a bulky dresser or closet full of storage.

5. Improve bedroom aesthetics

Did you know that your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home? Because of its intimate nature, a bedroom should be inviting and relaxing, but at times it can become cluttered. By clearing away all excess mess, you’re doing yourself a favour both physically and mentally. Reducing stress will also help you sleep better. A cluttered room can be just as distracting as a messy desk at work!

Final Words,

rustic coffee tables are a staple in any bedroom, and there are a few interesting facts about them that you may not have known. From their history to their design, bedside cabinets have evolved over time to become the functional and stylish pieces of furniture that they are today. If you’re in the market for a new bedside cabinet or just curious about this household item, read on for five interesting facts about bedside cabinets. Thanks for reading!