6 things to consider before choosing the birthday venue

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Planning the birthday for the loved ones is one of the best things to do to make their day special. There are so many Eastern Suburbs Function Venues have, but one should always consider few points before booking the one, because it is not just some ordinary day, it is the special day of your family member or your dear ones.

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In this blog, I will mention some important points that should be considered before choosing the perfect birthday venue.

The following are the few points-

  • Budget-

Plan your budget first. It is the most important thing before choosing the venue. There are many different venues but some might not fit into your budget. So, the first thing is to fix the budget and start searching for the venues. Make the checklist of the venues with prices and facilities they are providing, this will make a bit easier to choose the one.


  • Number of guests-

You should make the list of the people you are going to invite. This will give you the idea of the number of guests that will join the party. The number of guests might affect the cost of the party too, so make sure about the guest list. This will help you with the proper planning of your budget.

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  • Age of the guests that are invited-

If you are throwing a party for your kid, it is obvious that most of the guests showing up at the party will be kids. If this is the thing, then make sure that the venue arranges different games and activities for the kids. This way, the kids will have a blast at the party and you will make your kid’s birthday a memorable one.


  • Food and different dishes as well as beverages-

Everyone showing up at the party will eat the food. Make sure you select the most common dishes that are loved by everyone. Make sure the venue serves the delicious food. Before choosing the venue, always taste the food they are serving, because taste matters a lot. And if the guest loves the food, you will just make their day amazing.

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  • Venue address, date, and time-

When you invite your guest, make sure you just put the exact address, date, and time. Make sure you ask the exact venue address and tell it to your guest. It will be easier for them to find the venue. You should always mention date and time too, to avoid confusion.


  • Rules and regulations-

Before booking, make sure you know all the rules and regulations of the venue because it is important to know it. It will be easier for you to choose the right venue if you know everything about the place.



There are many different birthday venues Ringwood wide. Always consider all the points that are mentioned above. You should also check the website of the venue and read the reviews. Make sure you see all the pictures of the parties that happened in the past at the same venue. This will give you more idea about the venue.