A Short Guide to Charge Your Car with EV Home Charger at Home

electric vehicle charging

Electric cars are trending everywhere and the best part about them is that you can charge these eco-friendly cars at home. Yes, you read it right!

You can use a standard outlet that uses an EV Home Charger to quickly charge your vehicle. Your electric vehicle comes with a Level 1 or 110-V-Compatible home connector kit.

If you are perplexed about how to use it and how to prevent any hazard when using it, you are in the best place.

This guide will teach you how you can use an EV charger to charge your car accurately.

ev home charger

So follow our lead!

Types of Available Chargers

Before we begin our guide, let’s just first get to know about various types of chargers available out there.

1. Fast Charger:

Found at public charging stations and looks the same as the petrol bowers. This charger – as the name indicates – charge the car pretty fast.

2. Wall Boxes:

These are normally found inside the shopping centre car parking or private garage. These are the perfect option to top up your car’s battery.

3. Wall Sockets:

You know, the one you plug in your phone charger into. It takes way too much time to charge your car than both of the above mentioned.

How to Charge your car?

electric car charger

To charge your electric vehicle, all you need is an EV Home Charger and a home charging point, preferably where you park your car such as a garage. You can also have an EVSE cable for 3-pin plug-in socket as a back-up.
That’s how charging an electric car is as easy as pie!

Just Plug-in the charger to your vehicle and wait till the battery shows “fully charged” indication.

  • People usually pick a dedicated home charging point as this is faster and contains various inbuilt safety features
  • A home charging point is a weatherproof unit that escalates on a wall with a socket for plugging in or a linked charging cable or a moveable charging cable.
  • Only qualified specialists are required to install the dedicated home charging points

How much time does it take to charge the entire car?

Professionals calculate the charging speed of a charger in kilowatts (KW).

A normal home car charging point takes 3.7kw to 7kw to charge your car that provides approximately 15 to 30 miles of range every hour.

However, there are some 3-pin chargers, which provide 2.3kw charging for 8miles per hour. It depends on you how quickly you want to charge your vehicle and how much you want to save on your utility bill. For example, if you can manage to wait for hours to charge your car and don’t want to pay more on your utility bill, buying a 3-pin electric car charger that offers 2.4kw charging speed is the best choice.

How to Get an Electric car charger installed at your Place?

ev home charger

It’s no rocket science for installing an electric car charger at your home. You just need professionals who are certified or licensed to install an EV charger at your home.

Still, wondering how to do it? Check below:

  • The professionals will mount the charging point on the exterior of your home’s wall or garage. You can park and charge your vehicle near to it. This ensures that the direct electricity supply is provided to your vehicle as long as you have connected the charger.
  • It hardly takes 3-hours to install the entire set-up depending on the professional you have hired and the complexity of installation.
  • You can book your appointment with the experts for charging point installation at your home. There are abundant online service providers which you can choose.

How often should you charge your Electric Car?

You can charge your electric car as often as you want. It’s the same as charging your mobile phone.

  • Charge overnight to take advantage of cheap night electricity charges and drive for 2p/mile
  • Overnight charging ensures that your battery is fully charged and you are ready for the day in the morning.
  • You can also use the free office charger to recharge your car

In short, charge wherever and whenever you want for the required number of times.

What if you run out of Battery?

Don’t get a panic attack when you are out of battery! Just seek a nearby RACV or any motoring club that provides electric car charging service. Or you can carry your Electric Car Charger with you and charge it wherever you find a three-pin charging point.

So simple, right?