Crucial Washing Machine Maintenance Pointers You Must Know

Cleaning your Haier Washing Machine is a simple task that can help prevent expensive repairs and extend the life of your washer. However, you must be careful when cleaning your machine because certain cleaning products can cause damage to it if used incorrect washing y. If you take the proper steps to maintain your appliance, it will last for years without issues.

Change the water supply hoses.

  • Change the water supply hoses.
  • Replace it every three years, or if it is damaged or leaking.
  • Check for damage by removing the filter and inspecting the hose for signs of wear like crumbling rubber or dry rot.
  • If you can’t see any damage, feel along its length with your fingers to see if there are any areas that feel stiffer than others—that might mean they’re dried out.

Haier Washing Machine

Handle the lint trap and dispenser properly.

If you’re not using the lint trap, it’s time to start. This is a filter that catches lint and other debris that can clog the machine and cause problems. It should be cleaned regularly, especially if you’re in an area with abrasive water or high moisture levels.

You won’t want to use your washing machine as much if it doesn’t work properly or if it’s getting dirty more often than necessary because you don’t have a good lint trap helping out its inner workings.

Be ready to handle a leak.

If you experience a leak in the washing machine, do not use it until it has been fixed. Your first step should be to call the manufacturer or plumber that installed your unit. However, if you are unsure of how to handle a leakage situation or whether an expert should be called in for repair work, you can call a professional for help.

Never use your washing machine to clean hazardous materials.

  • Never use your washing machine to clean hazardous materials.
  • Do not use it to wash acids, alkalis, or other corrosive materials.
  • Do not use it to wash flammable liquids or vapours.
  • Do not use it for cleaning paint or flammable liquids

To keep your washing machine in good shape, there are a few things you can do. One is to avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the drum and seals. This includes bleach, which will destroy rubber parts over time. Don’t use bleach–or any other chemical that’s too strong for your washing machine–unless you’re sure it won’t damage the washer.

And if possible, always use cold water to rinse clothes out of the machine during the final rinse cycle. Hot water causes rusting on metal parts inside of a washing machine; if these rust spots become too corroded or clogged with mineral deposits from your water supply (which is common), they can cause severe damage to your appliance when operating at high temperatures during an agitation process or spin cycle.


We hope that this article has helped you understand some of the important maintenance tips for your washing machine. Haier Washing Machine are a big investment and we want them to last as long as possible. The best way to do that is by taking care of them with regular cleaning and maintenance. We have highlighted a few simple steps that will help keep your washing machine running smoothly and looking great!