Does having too many keywords hurt SEO?

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The short answer is yes. It’s true that you should never have too many keywords on a page. Too many keywords can mean that your page isn’t relevant to a broad enough range of search terms which eventually hurts your search engine optimisation Gold Coast effort.

Too many keywords can also mean that your page isn’t relevant to a broad enough range of search terms. When you have too many keywords on your page, it may be difficult for Google to see how those words are related or connected, which leads to a low ranking in results. The broad keyword “dog” is not likely to get you as much traffic as the niche keyword “how to groom a dog.”

Too many keywords can be confusing, as well

When there are too many keywords, it’s easy for users to get confused about what the page is about and what they can find there. If you add too many keywords and phrases, search engines will have trouble understanding what the page is about.

Too many keywords also mean that other people on your team will be confused when they’re trying to update or modify the content of a page; if each piece of content has multiple keywords attached to it, then it becomes very difficult for anyone on your team to know which keyword goes with which piece of content and confusing for search engine optimisation Gold Coast too.

Finally, having too many keywords can make things confusing for your colleagues at work (and sometimes even for yourself), as well as customers who are looking for information about whatever topic you’re covering on those pages!

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To avoid any confusion among these audiences—whether human or algorithmic—it’s important not only to pick out a handful of related terms but also to make sure that those terms are used consistently throughout all pages so that everyone knows which one will show up when searching online (or checking their favourite news aggregator).

Having too many on any single page counts against you

Just as it’s not a good idea to put too many keywords on any single page, you also don’t want too many on your website. If you have multiple pages that rank highly for one or two keywords, but none of them has a lot of links or authority, Google could think that those pages are spammy and start to drop them down in the rankings.

If you’re worried about having too many keywords in a particular article or post, check out our guide on how many is too much?

Using just the right amount of keywords can boost your SEO efforts

When you’re writing content, it’s important to focus on the right keywords. The right keyword density is something that Google likes to see and can help your site rank higher in search engine results.

When deciding how many keywords to include in your content, consider:

  • The topic at hand (e.g., “chocolate lovers”)
  • Your audience (e.g., “chocolate lovers who are also dog owners”)
  • The page itself (e.g., “chocolate cake recipe”)
  • The site as a whole (e.g., “dog-friendly desserts”)


So, the question is, how many keywords are too many? The answer is that it depends on your site and the type of content it contains for search engine optimisation Gold Coast. If you’re still unsure about how many keywords you should be using, then I would recommend starting with something simple like four or five per page.