Hire the Best Painters Melbourne to Surprise your valentine

Painters in Melbourne

Valentine’s Day is here and you must be planning a memorable date right? Well, expecting roses, chocolates, or expensive gift is common, but doing something unique always wins the heart.

This valentine’s day, why not surprise your loved one with a home paint makeover? You can hire the best painters Melbourne, and give your room and each part of your home a touch of art and colours.

For making things easy, we have the topmost ideas.

  1. Interior & Exterior Doors

If you haven’t painted your home recently, it’s possible that the interior and exterior doors are faded and looks dull. If your doors need repair, do it. Consider the bombardment of natural factors (including snow, sun, wind, rain) for the entrance door. Begin with the front door as it makes an instant impression of home’s curb appeal and then ends with the back door.

  1. Interior Touch-up

When it comes to trim touch up of interior, wood trim is one of a kind. By applying a coat of paint on faded trim reinstates the trim to the original lustre, add brightness to space, and enhance the overall décor. Most trims are already glossy enough and to avoid extra shine, repaint the entire length. Certain areas of your interior where the sunlight enters the whole day making the paint lose its vibrancy. Therefore, going for an interior touch-up is a great idea.

  1. Kitchen

Even if you have a washable paint on your kitchen’s walls, constant dust, dirt, and debris can make it look old and dirty. The experienced painters Melbourne can give an inexpensive touch-up to it and give a luxury appearance. Various parts of your kitchen are hard to reach and are getting stains on its surface. Also, the heat produced during your cooking affects the paint colour. Only a paint touch-up can enhance the overall looks of your kitchen and make it look more lively.

  1. Bathroom

High moisture level, constant steam, cleaning & disinfecting are the reasons why you should never overlook your bathroom when it comes to painting touch-up. New or old, bathrooms always need maintenance and you can do it by paginating walls, doors, ceiling, windows, and trim. The professionals will reach even the tiniest part of the bathroom to complete the look. Plus, painting your bathroom more often will prevent mould as well. So go with a matching colour with your tiles.

  1. Other Areas

A home involves various places where it’s crucial to paint after a specific time. Those places are:

  • Light switches
  • Door frames including handles/knobs
  • Hallway/foyer walls
  • Window frames/handles
  • Garage walls
  • Bedroom walls

These parts are worth paying attention because once the paint is gone, it ruins the entire interior.   


Make sure that the paint is completely blended and each corner complements each other. You can consider some colour combination ideas while you consult the exterior or interior Painting. They will lead you to the best colour combination by keeping your budget light.

So get valentine ready with some vibrant colours!