How to Choose the Right Wall Art for your Home?

Wall Art

When it comes to buying modern wall art online, you have to consider various factors.

For starters, have a good look at the wall that you are going to fill so that you can decide what size of the wall art you should pick. There are different ways to determine this, and you will find various ideas in this post.

The thumb rule for this is to pick the wall art that takes up the exact width of the wall, -6 to12” on each side, so that it looks centred. Let’s assume you have a 36-inch wall and want to hang the wall art. For say, you have 36” wall, so you have to leave around 6 inches on each side of the piece. This means you should pick the wall art around 24 inches wide.

What to do when you are hanging wall art over a bed, sofa, or table?

Pick a modern artwork online with the same length as that of your sofa, bed, or table. Don’t go for décor, wider than the furniture which looks weird.

What to do if you have big walls?

Large walls mean large canvases. However, buying artwork for big walls could be a bit expensive. So instead of finding the big pieces go for the small ones. You can make a gallery or collage of small wall art pieces just like a contemporary living room.

Choose a diptych or triptych pattern that is normally two, three, and more panels of art with a flow. Make sure that at least 2 inches of space are left between each piece. You can also go for big spacing, but make sure that it looks consistent.

You can create a big and dramatic focal point by using large format canvases.

One last thing, pick an art piece that is graphic or vibrant. Otherwise, there is no point.

What is the right way to hand wall art?

The next step is to decide how you hand the wall art. The height of your wall art must never go wrong as it will ruin the entire look of your interior. As a thumb rule of the wall art, hang the piece at your sight line so that you don’t have to look up too high or too low. This means the centre of the wall (about 60 inches from the ground).

Once you have found the right spot, use painter’s tape to frame the area so that you can easily visualize the spot. Now, stand a few feet back and check if it looks perfect. You can go for a vintage setting where the art is a part of a grouping, which is a little off centre.

There are various other ways you can hang the wall art, which depends on the weight of the piece. Therefore, you might want to avoid drilling the walls and making holes.

In case you have a sofa and other furniture in the living room, hang the wall art on the wall, 6 to 8 inches from where the table or sofa back ends.

Now go, shop the best modern wall art online.