How To Prepare Your Home For Knock Down Rebuild

Knock Down Rebuild Melbourne

Are you planning to knock down your home and rebuild? If so, you will need to prepare it for the new build. This means ensuring that all your belongings are packed away, the house is cleaned, and any personal items removed. We have put together a list of steps that will help you prepare your home, so it’s ready for demolition:

Clean and shine your home from top to bottom

It’s important to clean your home from top to bottom. This means cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces.

Get out the sponges and cleaning products! Dust and vacuum all areas of the house, including furniture, floors, walls, and ceilings—you get the idea. Wash all surfaces, including floors (and those dirty grout lines). Clean all appliances (including microwaves) inside and out with a damp cloth or sponge with warm water mixed with dish soap or cleaner of choice.

Clean light fixtures inside and out as needed using a mild detergent on a cloth for dusty areas; rinse thoroughly afterwards so no residue remains behind on surfaces as it can attract more dirt in its path when dry again over time afterwards if left undisturbed too long without being cleaned first off properly beforehand since there would be nothing else holding onto any potential dust particles within their range later on down their road towards becoming permanently stuck onto someone’s new home.

Knock Down Rebuild Melbourne

De-personalise your home as much as possible

The first step to preparing your home for a Knock Down Rebuild Melbourne is to de-personalise your home as much as possible. This means removing personal photos, mementos and other items that are important to you but don’t have any monetary value. It also means giving away or selling items you no longer want or need and making sure that no valuables are left behind.

When deciding what to keep and what to discard, it’s important consider not only sentimental value but also monetary value. For example: if someone gave you an antique chair they’ve had in their family for generations because they know how much it means to them personally, then by all means, hang onto it! But if someone gave an old table as a housewarming gift because they thought it looked nice on the porch—and after six months of looking at it every day has decided that actually having a dining room table would be better—then go ahead and put that thing up on Craigslist where some other sucker can buy it from you so he/she doesn’t have to go out hunting antique stores instead of paying off their mortgage!

Give each room a purpose

  • If you use a room every day, keep it tidy.
  • If you never use a room, don’t spend energy or money keeping it tidy.

So, if you’re looking to Knock Down Rebuild Melbourne your home, we hope that this guide has given you a good idea of how to go about it. Remember: the more time you spend preparing yourself, the better off your project will be!