Is Pure Silver Better Than Sterling Silver?

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If you’re asking yourself this question, then chances are you’ve been looking at the world of jewellery and wondering if there is such a thing as pure silver vs sterling silver. I’ll be honest with you: yes, there is. Pure silver is more valuable than sterling silver because it’s more rare and harder to work with than its counterpart. It’s important to know which is better before you shop for any Silver Jewelry Online.


Pure silver is not as white as sterling silver. The naturally occurring oxide in pure silver makes it appear slightly yellowish in color, whereas the sterling alloy does not contain this oxide and tends to be whiter. Be sharp at buying Silver Jewelry Online because appearance may vary.

Pure silver will tarnish over time, but the corrosion can easily be removed by polishing or by using a commercial cleaner. Sterling has greater durability than pure silver, which means that its shine won’t wear off with use or exposure to air and water—and it’s less likely to scratch or chip when you wear it every day!


Purity is a big factor in the strength of a metal. Pure silver is softer than sterling, so it can be shaped more easily. This property makes pure silver a better choice for use in jewellery items that are delicate and need to be worked on by hand, such as rings and necklaces.

Pure silver also has greater malleability than sterling, which means that it’s less likely to break if dropped or hit.

This quality makes pure silver the ideal material for making items like spoons and forks, since they’re both soft enough to bend but hard enough not to bend permanently after repeated use.

Since pure silver doesn’t contain any alloying agents like nickel or copper (which give sterling its harder properties), it’ll also hold its shape better than sterling when polished until it shines brightly with no imperfections in the surface at all—a feature that can make your jewellery look especially elegant!

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The price of pure silver is higher than sterling silver.

Pure silver is more expensive to produce than sterling. The process of refining pure silver demands more energy and time, but it also results in a higher quality product that you can feel proud to own. In addition, because it’s less common than sterling, the price of pure Silver Jewelry Online tends to be more expensive (though this varies depending on the type).

However, if you’re looking for an investment piece that will retain its value over time and potentially even increase in value as well as retain its beauty through wear and tear – then you’ll want a piece made from 100% solid fine-quality 925/1000th Sterling Silver!

Pure silver is softer than sterling silver but may be preferred for its natural purity

Pure silver is softer than sterling silver. This is because pure silver has a smaller percentage of alloying metals in it, and the alloying metals that are used are less durable. Thus, if you care about durability more than purity, sterling silver would be your best choice.

I hope you now have a better understanding of the difference between these two types of silver. If your main concern is how pure your silver is, then it may be worth considering the advantages of pure silver over sterling.

The biggest advantage is that it is completely natural and, therefore, less likely to tarnish or chip easily than sterling.

However, if appearance doesn’t matter much but strength does, then sterling would be a better choice because it’s harder than pure silver – giving it better resistance against damage caused by knocks or scratches, which could happen over time due to everyday wear-and-tear.