Why Could Spring Cause Plumbing Problems?

One of the most common issues homeowners experience is a failure in their plumbing system. However, a sudden change in weather, particularly if you have several warm days followed by a cold spell, Plumber Vermont can help to wreak havoc on your plumbing system.

Statistics show that more than one-third of homeowner insurance claims are related to water damage. The good news is that these problems can be prevented, starting with understanding how the weather can affect your plumbing equipment.

The Change in Temperature

The change in temperature from winter to spring can cause your plumbing pipes to expand and contract. When the season changes, you may notice drips at first, but freezing could occur as temperatures continue to rise. This can damage your pipes because ice expands when it melts, putting pressure on the pipe wall.

Water heated during hot summers or exposed to heat like radiators or stoves expands and can cause cracks in the pipes’ walls. You must take precautions against this by insulating your heating system so that temperatures do not get too high for the lines below them (or above them). If temperatures are too low during the winter, then cold water can also cause cracks in piping due to the expansion of freezing water within these systems.

The Movement of the Ground

When the temperature rises, so do the ground. The combination of a warming climate and melting snow can cause the soil to shift downwards in spring. In some cases, it may also become more compact as well. This can lead to an increased amount of stress being placed on plumbing systems throughout your home.

If your pipes are buried too shallowly or placed in an area that has been poorly drained since construction, they could be damaged by this pressure while they’re still dormant during winters and early springs. When temperatures rise sufficiently enough to thaw all frozen water within them and start moving again—with nowhere else to go—this pressure causes breaks within your pipe system as well as clogs or ruptures at joints between pipes where connections have loosened due to age or another cause (such as corrosion).

Why Could Spring Cause Plumbing Problems

Dry Spells and Heavy Rain

Spring is a time of year when the ground is dry and wet, or wet and dry. You see, spring comes around every year, just like winter before it travels to summer. And winter always comes after fall which always comes after summer before it moves into fall again. And so on and so forth until you get dizzy enough that you need to lie down on the floor in order not to throw up all over yourself!

But what does all this have to do with plumbing? Well…

Excessive Mud

Water expands when it freezes, so if the ground is covered in mud and water, you can bet that your pipes will be affected.

  • Your pipes might freeze. When this happens, your house will lose heat because of all the coolant coming out of your walls. This can lead to costly repairs down the road if left unaddressed!
  • If there’s not enough room for mud beneath them, your pipes can swell up like balloons and burst from the pressure inside them. You’ll want to call a Plumber Vermont-wide immediately if you see any swelling; otherwise, it will continue until something gives way—and what would give first? The bottom of one pipe might break off completely, causing it to tangle around another nearby pipe end causing both ends of two other adjacent pipes more trouble than they already faced and an even bigger mess than before…


The best way to prevent plumbing issues is to ensure that your pipes are properly insulated. This way, they won’t be as vulnerable to changing temperatures and shifting ground. Another thing you can do is install a backflow prevention device, which will keep any water from going in the wrong direction. Overall, it’s important not only for homeowners but also renters and landlords alike to pay attention to their plumbing during the spring season so that no one gets caught off guard by some unexpected plumbing problems; call Plumber Vermont-wide to get the job done effectively for you!