Useful Tips for your ResMed CPAP machines

resmed Cpap machines

It’s not always easy to get used to the ResMed CPAP machines. Some people hate their CPAP mask initially, especially those who have sleep apnea. The good news is you’re not alone! That’s why we are with useful tips for using a CPAP machine properly without feeling uncomfortable.

  • Practice makes you perfect

It’s natural to feel uncomfortable when you are wearing the ResMed CPAP machine for the first time. But if you don’t get used to it, you’ll have trouble sleeping. To cure that, don’t wear it when you are about to sleep; wear it one or two hours before going to bed. It will help your body to get used to it and accept it. Wear it anytime – whether you are sitting on your couch to relax or using your gadget.

The more you wear it the sooner you will be able to get sweet sleep.

resmed Cpap machines

  • Adjustments your CPAP mask nightly

Wearing a mask while you are waking is different than wearing it while you are sleeping. If you notice a red mark on your face, loosen the mask a bit. In case it falls off your face in the midnight, tightens it up a bit. But make sure it isn’t too tight. Remember, the mask should be fit, neither too tight nor too loose.

  • Use your CPAP mask while sleeping

Don’t just wear your mask during the nights. Instead, wear it during the day naps (even if it’s for an hour) as well. You can even adjust your sleep apnea and the medical term for it is “patient compliance.” Put it on a soon as you finish other routines such as brushing your teeth. As a beginner, you should avoid the sleep as CPAP can reduce your sleep initially.

  • Make sure your mask fits you

You must know which kind of mask will suit you the best. If you don’t know this, consult your doctor or just reach the experts to explain how you sleep. Whether you are a side sleeper or do you breathe through your mouth, be open with the professionals and they will lead you to the most suitable mask. You can even keep a track of your sleep and discover yourself the type of mask that will suit you.

  • AutoRamp on your CPAP

This is the most popular setting of a ResMed CPAP. It allows you to change the air pressure while you are starting to fall asleep. When you are fully asleep the pressure increases. This setting allows you to sleep easily and comfortably, and you get full treatment during your sleep.

  • Use a CPAP humidifier for dry nose or throat

While using a CPAP, it becomes difficult to keep your throat and nose moist. This is where humidifier comes handy. The air pressure will make your throat and nose dry therefore keep a humidifier near you.

Final thoughts

Keep these tips in mind when you put on your ResMed equipment. This way you will be able to sleep better and comfortable.