What Are the Different Types of Water Leakage Available in the Domestic Area?

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Drip…Drip…Drip…, listening to this type of sound in the movie, give you a scary feeling or some unwanted happening feeling, right? But if you listen to this type of sound in the real-life, then it is also scary in terms of the higher water bill and any high Doncaster Plumber cost. But there is not only one type of water leakage. Want to know?

Then here is a complete guide which gives you brief information about the types of water leakage which you can see in the domestic area. If you know the type of water leakage available in your building, then you can find the root cause and also take a necessary step before Doncaster Melbourne arrived.

There is mainly two types of water leak exist:

  1. Disastrous Water Leak
  2. Expensive Water Leak

Disastrous Water Leak

In this type of water leakage, the waterflood covers your entire home from the leakage point. As per statics in the one year, 50 to 60 home suffer from this type of leakage problem. So that this problem also common and it harms your pocket and monthly budget.

Whenever you experience such type of trouble you have to face so many problems as well as cost like plumber cost, cleaning cost, damage cost and so many.

A disastrous water leak can identify with 4 common problems which describe below,

  1. Hot Water Tank Leak

If your hot water tanks not work properly or fail and it can be creating significant damage. You can find such type of problem occurring because of the absence of maintenance or unregular maintenance or there is a chance of older version using from a long time.

Checking point: basement floor

  1. Burst Pipes

When your home temperature decreases or comes at the level of freeze, then there are higher chances of burst pipes problem. Mostly this type of problem you face in the winter season.

Checking point: room’s wall, anywhere                

  1. Toilet Supply Lines

In the toilet supply lines, anything happened like a bust or corroded. These are a widespread problem which everyone knows. The damage intensity depends on the position of toiles (on which floor).

Checking point: Every toilet’s line

  1. Appliance Failures

If your different appliances like washing machines or dishwasher’s supply line broken or damaged and water leakage generates. This problem can also damage your appliance, and you have to face big expenses.

Checking point: Different appliances

Expensive Water Leak

In this type of water leak, you can’t detect the leakage you can see your water bill increase day by day. This leakage is known as silent killer then not harm your appliances or damage your home but silently increase your water bill and you have to pay higher cost without using it (so daunting, right?).

An expensive water leak has two main types which you can see below,

  1. Leaky Toilets

This is a general problem and normally occurs in many houses. You have to face such type of problem due to leaks like an open tap, leaky pipes and many more.

  1. Irrigation Leaks

This type of problem mainly happens in the underground, and it is hard to find or detect. But whenever such type of problem occurs, it can destroy the water bill ratio, and you never find without getting professional help.

Summing up,

These are the basic type of water leakage. If you face any problem like leakage, then call the professional Doncaster Plumber and take their help before more disaster happen.