What Can Affect The Water Pressure of The Shower?

Taking a long shower after a long day could release a considerable amount of tension and physical tiredness. Do not let the low water pressure of the shower steal this shooting feeling. Plumber Clayton is the person who can fix the shower but knowing why it happens in the first place will help you to eliminate the odds of your shower’s water pressure being affected.

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Before the water pressure of the shower gets affected if it hasn’t yet and you call a Plumber Burwood, it is time to consider the situation that can cause low water pressure of the shower.

  • The Pressure Regulator Is Faulty

The pressure regulators in the home are for maintaining the water pressure in the house. Keeping checking on the functioning of the water pressure regulator will help you to maintain the pressure of water in the house. The reason for its malfunctioning could be improper repairs, improper installation or so. If you suspect this abnormality about your pressure regulator, call a reliable plumber and get it fixed.

  • Undetected Leaking Pipes

Not every pipe is in front of your eyes, it is not every time easy to detect pipe leaks. Some leaks are hidden and take a while to detect from the damage they have done all these times. The water leaking through the pipes certainly affects the pressure of water in the house. they not only affect the shower water pressure but also the damage it does can be very costly at times.

  • Clogged Shower Head

One of the most common reasons for the reduced water pressure is the accumulation in the showerhead. The water contains minerals that tend to get deposited on the surface of the pipes and showerhead. These deposits can build up over time and cause the showerhead to clog and eventually reduce the water pressure.

  • Use Of Shower During the Peak Hours

This reason is often overlooked when assessing the reason for the reduced shower pressure. The peak hours of each building mind are different hence you may take time to get to know it sometime but eventually, you will observe the timing when the water pressure is reduced during the shower. This makes you fully aware of the peak hours and if you are willing to enjoy the shower with the water pressure that is suitable for you try and avoid using the shower in peak hours unless it is necessary.

  • Improper Opening of The Valve

The water vale of the house, the one that is located near the water meter could be a reason for the lowered water pressure. When the valve is not properly opened the amount of water that comes into the house is affected and with the water pressure. So, make sure that value opens fully.

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All of these will help you to maintain the water pressure of the shower. There are still many reasons that you may lack the knowledge of detection but inspection by the Plumber Burwood could help you identify and mitigate it effectively.