Himalayan Salt Lamps: The Benefits of Using Alternatives To Chemical Exposure

Himalayan salt lamps

Salt lamps create an ambient light in the form of a salt haze and are becoming the healthiest alternative for folks looking for clean, non-toxic alternatives for indoor lighting.

The Benefits of Using Salt Lamp

Chemical exposure is not something that we want, but it is inevitable. Different from chemical exposure pesticides, pharmaceutical, and greenhouse gasses, these substances are in our everyday lives and they’re likely times we don’t realize it. They’re in your home if you have a floor and paint, or chemical cleaners. Chemical exposure has been linked to a variety of diseases and ailments including neurological disorders, respiratory problems like asthma, and cancer. Himalayan salt lamps can help reduce that exposure because they produce negative ions that react with air pollutants such as chemicals.

What to Consider When Buying A Salt Lamp?

Salt lamps were originally developed in 1993 as a cheaper alternative to candles. The lamp produces a light that matches the blue light from the daytime sky. Blue has photochemical properties that help detoxify contaminants like dioxins and VOCs because it is only created by the lamp. It also detoxifies pollutants found in the air like ammonia, ozone, and formaldehyde into oxygen, which is beneficial for people with respiratory problems or asthma.

Himalayan salt lamps

How to Order Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Many people choose to use alternatives to chemicals when it comes to creating a safe living space so that they can avoid toxins in their homes. One popular alternative is using salt lamps for a safe and peaceful home. Himalayan salt lamps are made of salt crystals and give off light that depletes the ozone primarily from neon signs. They are cheap, easy to set up, and easy to maintain.

DIY Ways to Paint Your Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are gaining popularity as one of the cleanest, cheapest, and most effective options to reduce exposure to household chemicals like formaldehyde and bromine in your home. One way to clean your lamp is to paint it a more natural color.

My Experience with Using a Himalayan Salt Lamp

I’m a lover of all things natural, and my alternative to chemical exposure is the Himalayan salt lamp. I have been using them for about three years now and have seen vast improvements in my life as well as health that I can attribute to this single purchase.


There are many advantages to using Himalayan salt lamps over chemical or other artificial light sources. These advantages go beyond the health benefits that come with cleaner air and natural UV lighting- they even reduce fire hazards. Not to mention, they create a better aesthetic in your room.

Another of the many advantages of Himalayan salt lamps is that they can boost your work productivity. When you put a lamp in your office, something happens. You should expect to feel more relaxed once this is lit, allowing you to avoid excessive weariness. These lamps will also boost the power of your concentration, allowing you to work at a faster speed.

Put the power of this ancient natural occurrence to work for you in your daily life!