5 Freight Shipping Industry Myths You Need To Dismantle

freight Melbourne to Sydney

Getting a freight Melbourne to Sydney shipment delivered to your destination is an important step to take when running a business. Understanding that this process can be complicated, though, can easily lead to fears of what might happen to both the materials and results if there are issues with the shipping itself. It’s important that you know how to identify these myths from reality, part of what makes you an expert at shipping in the first place!

Here are the five most common myths about shipping, and give my opinion of it

      1. FREIGHT FORWARDERS ARE EXPENSIVE (AND NOT WORTH IT):This is one of the biggest myths and one that is untrue. Freight Melbourne to Sydney Forwarders are not expensive; in fact, they are quite cheap compared to many other shipping options. Prices range from $15-$25 per truck, plus you get freight insurance.
      2. FREIGHT FORWARDERS ARE ONLY FOR BIG SHIPMENTS: This is yet another myth that is untrue as we have seen with our clients, who use us for small shipments for any products we offer, and we have had successes in shipping items 500 miles and even crossing the lake, with very small shipments we have also set up to ship as few as 100 2’x3′ shipping boxes and from Zipcode to Zip code, with our services. What this means is that you or your supplier need not worry about the number of units being shipped.

freight Melbourne to Sydney


Shippers are usually worried about the prospects of their freight Melbourne to Sydney being handled by someone else as maintaining control of their shipments is usually a primary concern. But many shippers offer their primary stakeholder automated tracking systems in place; there is no other service available that will provide stateless customer support.


The service provider offers a complete global ship cartage solution for ordering and receiving, as well as for shipment. So there is no need to ship internationally or externally on that timeline.


After we ship in bulk under our extremely deleterious market pricing structure and we develop regular buyers through our growth, the customers will be too dependent on those companies no matter what they do, especially when they are aware of its price per pound basis. So the failure rate will be much lower than ordinary shippers.

One of the key ways to improve freight Melbourne to Brisbane shipping is through optimization. By understanding an industry’s patterns and processes, it is possible that industries can restructure their business to better leverage efficiency and relay outcomes.