Insert Fireplace: Why Not Just Buy Another Log?

insert fireplaces

If you’re tired of maintaining your regular insert fireplaces, it may be time to buy an insert with a built-in chimney. Your home will have the modern convenience of a true fire without all the hassle of cleaning and tending a separate aesthetic in every room.

What Is An Insert Fireplace?

An insert fireplace is a type of small, simple firebox usually between four and twelve inches high by twelve to twenty-four inches wide that generates heat by using a variety of logs as fuel. A masonry unit with a flue buried below the timber opening is used for convenience, easy installation, efficiency, and safety.

Finding An Insert Fireplace

When it comes to things to add to your home, many people are turning back to the classic form—fireplaces. Some people are just looking for a practical accessory; others find them stress-relieving and cozy. However, if you don’t know where to start, there will be plenty of selection out there to choose from.

Benefits Of An Insert Fireplaces

An insert fire like this one is the best option for people who want a fireplace at home because it’s much more effective than using logs. The fireplace provides moderate heat, so there’s not too much smoke in the room. Even if you have a small fire going, only a little bit of smoke will escape at most.

Insert Fireplace


Which Room Should You Install An Insert In?

Insert fireplaces come in a range of sizes as well, so you can get a fireplace that will be appropriate for the great room or hallway in your home. Many people are now foregoing wood-burning and pellet-firing fireplaces for more practical options, and small inserts can work just fine in their place.

Placing The Insert On Your Floor

When you’re considering purchasing an insert for your fireplace, you might be surprised to learn that if you place it on your floor, it’s better for the environment. That’s because it will require fewer resources and won’t need to travel nearly as far to get to the fire, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption. The result is also a cleaner living room: If you love that coaster smell so much, grilling meat in the backyard without having smoky air blow back into your house is just about as good-smelling.

What Installation Materials Do We Have?

When you have researched the cost of a fireplace before purchasing your own, you may have noticed there are different packages that typically include items like insulation and stone mantle. You will also see packages that require specific installation materials like wire mesh or brick. Regardless of what package you choose, it is always important to recognize the particular installation materials required for different models.

Tools You Need For An Installation

There is a lot of work involved in an installation. Whether you need to install a new fireplace in your home or your backyard mount, you are going to require different tools and know-how. The most important tool that you will need is the shovel. You can’t put one hole in the ground or move the earth without this tool.

You’ll also need dust masks and goggles, safety gloves, buffers and blowers, wire strippers and crimpers, as well as hammers and screwdrivers. It’s much better to purchase new logs that won’t compromise your safety. Plus, you’ll place your log in a space where it won’t get in the way of any doors or windows. Hence insert fireplaces are worth using!